Constituent Success Stories

Everyday, my staff and I are working diligently to tackle your constituent casework requests. We are so proud of the work we’ve done so far on behalf of the hardworking men and women in Central and Southern Illinois. Here are some of our success stories from those individuals we’ve assisted. My team and I are eager to help you!

“I needed a passport renewal expedited and I received excellent quick help. I was finally able to talk to people willing to get involved and help move the process along. I’m very happy with the help I was given.” – John

“I had a great experience. I have been waiting on my refund for 3 months, I contacted my congresswomen and the office was nothing but amazing, my caseworker Angela helped me out so much and it didn’t take long at all for my refund to get approved. I thank the office so much for all they have done for me and my family.” – Sedari

There was some confusion regarding my retirement date because I did not need to retire when I had planned after my husbands open heart surgery. My SSI checks were not coming monthly as of January 2023. I contacted Nikki Budzinski’s office and received a call back from Angela Foxworth Everett. She was super friendly and helpful and she able to resolve my problem and I was so grateful.” – Mary

“Angela was instrumental in helping me resolve a 2 1/2 year old issue with the IRS. Within 4 weeks of contact with Angela, the issue was resolved and I could close an estate. She was very helpful and kept me informed.” – Lyndon

“My Aunt died in February of 2021 and my brother and I were executors of her estate, and while we had completed everything that needed to be done by the end of the year the estate could not be closed since the tax refund for her 2020 taxes was still in limbo with the IRS. Covid had resulted in few IRS workers for several years, and a mistake was made where the tax form had been sent in with the incorrect signature. I had corrected it and sent it in..but over a year later the tax refund still had not arrived so we could close the estate. Finally on a tip on line, I called Nikki Budzinski’s office and was referred to Angela, and she was able to contact the IRS, and I was instructed to fill out a form and send in the estate form, and within another month the IRS check was sent out..and now we can close the estate. I am so grateful for this help, because it was a huge headache. Thanks for all of your help!!” – Lisa

“She (Angela) did everything it took to get my case resolved. She went over and beyond. not once did I have to reach her about my situation once she took on my case she got the job done I really appreciate her an give her service 5 stars an better I’m bless to have her help an look forward to picking her services back up in the near future thanks again Ms. Foxworth.” – Tuteekia

“Angela was my caseworker in charge of my file. She did a wonderful job taking care of business and keeping me informed on what was taking place. She got my problem solved quickly and efficiently.” – Kay